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Natural Mineral Water


Sarıkız | 200 ml Natural Mineral Water

Sarıkız Natural Mineral Water, extracted naturally from its source, is a healthy and refreshing gift that nature offers us.

Anions (mg/L)
Fluoride F- 0,23
Bicarbonate HCO3 600
Chloride Cl- 14,53
Sulphate SO4 87,8
Cations (mg/L)
Calcium Ca 83,7
Magnesium Mg 62,12
Potassium K 5,75
Sodium Na 58,28
Iron Fe+2 0

Produced with the approval of ManisaGovernorship Public Health Directorate, dated 17.12.2013 and numbered MS.45.004. Should be stored in a cool place with no direct sun light. Protect parcels and bottles from all kinds of impacts. Otherwise, our company is not responsible for any damages. Lot serial number, production date and expiry date are on the cap. Producer Company: ALASU GIDA SAN.VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. Place of Production: Şeyh Sinan MH. Atatürk Bul. No:186/A Alaşehir / MANİSA This product has been produced in our ISO 9001-ISO 22000, Halal-certified facilities with fully automatic machines.

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