The Sarıkız Mineral Water is a source which is known since the beginning of the 1800's and different legends were written on its name.

According to one legend; Sarıkız, is a long TURKISH Girl with golden blond hair and proverbial with her beauty and charitableness who is a member of one of the tribes which settled down in that environment when Alaşehir was besieged by the Turks for the first time.

It is said that she sushed to the battlefield to distribute water to the soldiers during the siege of Alaşehir by the Turks. It is said that she dressed the wounds of the wounded persons and has helped to ease the pain. In the meantime an enemy shoots her with an arrow in her chest and she fell a martyr.

The water is said to gush from the ground where Sarıkız fell a martyr. It is such a beautiful and lush flowing water that it becomes a river with time. Bonds and gardens are irrigated with this water. The river has become a healing river and has relieved pain.

This myth has given this miraculous mineral water which is a gift nature is offering from its ground, its name According to another myth, Sarıkız, is the name of a myth hero who was accepted to be a saints. There are various myths about Sarıkız. Sarıkız, has lived on the KAZ mountain near the Gulf of Edremit.

According to the legend. a swelling appears at the stomach o Sarıkız. This swelling is perceived as a illegitimate relationship by the family of Sarikiz. Sarıkız is sentenced to death. However, the truth is much different.

Sarıkız flees from the KAZ Mountain and comes to the most important fortress city both of the old age and the Byzantine period in the Aegean Region named Philadelphia (today known as Alaşehir) Here, she decides to commit suicide. Just before committing suicide, she comes to a water source to perform ablution. She also drinks water from this source. But after a short while, a miracle happens and the swelling at her stomach detumescences. Since those days, the local persons believe that the souce has healing properties. And While Sarıkız becomes a myth, the water is named after her- Sarıkız- and takes its place in minds.

The reputation of Sarıkız spreads, spreads and spreads .