Going down to the roots of Sarıkız, with the help of the Atanuşula brothers who were the owners of the Anadolu pharmaceutical Warehouse in Izmir, the person named Ilya who was the owner of the first opened pharmacy in the 1860’s in Alaşehir analyzed the water flowing between the grass in the Sarıkız water stream which was used as bath cure with the hope of healing people because it was not known that one could drink the water. Following this analysis, they proved that the water is useful against stomach, kidney, lung diseases and have received the healing water license utilization permit of the water.

However, Ilya and his partners, who have taken over the issue of export and promotion, have decided to remove this mineral water from the coves. They were transferred to the building they completed in 1898 through water pipes. Here they used water to fill the bottles and exports them. Ilya and partners, who also have also undertaken the export and promotion rights, have decided to extract this mineral water. They have transferred the water through pipes to the building of which they completed the construction in the year 1898. Here they filled the water in bottles in a scientific way and have used it for export purposes.

A small amount of the water belonging to the general section, the water was transferred outside through 3 grooves from the facility they constructed. Even the fountain that exists today was created at those times. This water which previously was sent outside from Alasehir with bottles in a scientific way, has gained an enormous reputation due to its healing property. At that time it was sold in all pharmacies in bottles and was searched everywhere with the name “Alaşehir Sarıkız Maden Suyu (Mineral water)”. It has gained such a great reputation that it even was sold as healing water in France. It is possible to obtain analysis reports and exportation documents of the year 1869 from the archives. After these persons left Turkey, operation were interrupted in 1922, and then operation and production started again after restoration work conducted by the Kızılay (Red Crescent) Society and exportation in and outside Turkey has started in new bottles on a regular basis.

After an operation conducted in this way for some time, the Red Crescent Society put emphasizes on the Afyonkarahisar Mineral Water and has stopped its operation in Alaşehir and has carried its plant to Afyon. Then the Municipality of Alaşehir constructed a non- modern facility and has started to bottle Sarıkız Mineral water at these plants and has offered it for use of people of counties and its vicinity. In the 1970’s the Municipality of Alaşehir has leased this place to private operators who have laid the foundation of Sarıkız Mineral Water known up to day.

The Sarıkız Mineral Water facility was purchased from the Municipality of Alaşehir in December 2007. Together with this new structure old machinery at the plant has been revised. Together with new investments, modernization has started. Right next to the existing factory in Manisa/ Alaşehir, the construction of a new facility with a capacity of 50.000 bottles/ hour has started. In this sense, Everything was renovated from the plant of Sarıkiz Mineral water up to its labels and glass bottle. It has gained a status worthy its leadership and reputation in the market.